Groupe des Spécialistes et Passionnés des Baobabs de Madagascar

International congress on Baobabs

December 11 to 13, 2019
Kimony resort hotel Morondava
, Madagascar.

This congress will gather Malagasy and international researchers and students. We invite all those interested in the beauty, virtues and issues of baobab species to attend this congress.

 Two main types of activities are planned during the congress: academic activities and socio-cultural activities.

The expected outcomes of the congress are:

  1. Networking of scientists and non-scientists working on baobabs;
  2. Establishing situational analysis and data on baobabs species from all over the world;
  3. Allowing exchanges and sharing of current expertise between participants;
  4. Providing management tools and effective strategies reconciling conservation and traded species enhancement in regards of the international trade: proposal of the main outlines of research and regulatory texts for necessary marketing in order to develop the Non-Harmful Trade Notices.
  5. Proposing a sustainable exploitation strategy for the sustainable local people’s incomes;
  6. Producing congress proceedings and monograph book of baobab trees.
The main topics
  1. Systematic evolutionary and biogeography (anatomy, genetic, palynology, taxonomy)

Population biology (ecological anatomy, reproduction biology, phenology, dendrochronology)

  1. Population biology (ecological anatomy, reproductive biology, phenology, growth, dendrochronology)
  2. Ecology, habitats and threats (seed dispersal, ecology landscape and forestry, functional ecology, distribution)
  3. Management and sustainable conservation (conservation state, conservation strategy, PA)
  4. Processing and value-adding (biochemistry, toxicity, crafts)
  5. Social dimension (anthropology, sociology)  and economic dimension (ecotourism and marketing)
  1. Environmental education
Scientific activities
Socio-cultural activties
  • Excursion on the Baobab alley : This excursion will be planned for the last day of the congress. It will be an opportunity to admire and discover together the baobabs and the world famous landscape of the baobab alley. more details
  • Final “baobab dinner” reception: A closing ceremony will be organized at the end of the congress. more details

The Group of Malagasy Baobab Experts and Enthusiasts, "GSPBM" is a non-profit, scientific, technical and non-political association. It has been created to contribute to the protection, conservation and sustainable use of the world's baobab species and their ecosystems.


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