Groupe des Spécialistes et Passionnés des Baobabs de Madagascar

About the congress

December 11 to 13th, 2019

Reception room, Kimony Resort Morondava, Madagascar

The first congress on baobabs in Madagascar will bring together students and researchers, economic and tourist operators, as well as biodiversity managers and conservation stakeholders working in the field of baobab conservation and sustainable marketing. This is a first opportunity and a first initiative in Madagascar where scientists and conservation actors are inviting economic and tourist operators and the entire public to participate in exchanges and open discussion panels for the conservation and sustainable use of baobabs, emblematic of the great island.

The chosen theme is “Baobab conservation for a sustainable economic development“.

The main objectives of the congress are:

  • Capitalize all the knowledge and scientific, socio-cultural and economic data on baobabs;
  • Create a forum for exchanges and discussion between researchers and economic operators about sustainable use of baobab species;
  • Elaborate conservation strategies for each baobab species, combining conservation and use, by proposing major lines of research and regulatory texts for the commercialization of the species.

Key dates

  • 04 October 2019 : Launch of online registration
  • 30 October 2019 : Deadline for applications for volunteers and mobility grants for students and young researchers
  • 15 November 2019 : Deadline for submission of abstracts for students and researchers interested in presenting their research work
  • 25 November 2019: Notification sent for grantees, students and researchers
  • 05 December 2019 : Registration deadline for all participants
  • 07 December 2019 : Notification and online posting of the final congress agenda.


The Group of Malagasy Baobab Experts and Enthusiasts, "GSPBM" is a non-profit, scientific, technical and non-political association. It has been created to contribute to the protection, conservation and sustainable use of the world's baobab species and their ecosystems.


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