Groupe des Spécialistes et Passionnés des Baobabs de Madagascar

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Why should I join ?

  1. To access opportunities and networking with researchers working on baobabs worldwide
  2. To join platforms for exchanges and sharing of experiences between researchers and baobab specialists
  3. To have access to publications and information on current research and projects on baobabs
  4. To have access to different grants and fellowships.

What are the annuals memberships fees ?

Each member is required to pay an annual membership fee of:

  1. Nationals members :
    • Students : 10 000 MGA
    • Professionals: 35 000 MGA
  2. Internationals members :
    • Students : 10 €
    • Professionals : 25 €

The Group of Malagasy Baobab Experts and Enthusiasts, "GSPBM" is a non-profit, scientific, technical and non-political association. It has been created to contribute to the protection, conservation and sustainable use of the world's baobab species and their ecosystems.


Lot 2F 3 Bis B Antsahameva Andraisoro, Antananarivo 101

+261 34 01 133 47

+261 34 84 301 00


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