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Our projects

Here is an overview of our projects we worked on :

Conservation of two highly threatened mutualistic partners from Madagascar: baobab trees and their bat pollinators

In Madagascar, Adansonia suarezensis is the most threatened baobab species due to habitat loss and climate change and its highly probable that it will become extinct by 2050. This could be consequence of the drastic population decrease that its pollinator has recently suffered, the endemic fuit bat species Eidelon dupraenum and Rossetus madagascariensis. The main aims of this project are i) to evaluate the effects of spatial isolation due to forest fragmentation on baobab species and its reproductive efficiency, and ii) to determine relative efficiencies of bats in increasing baobab fitness and gene flow as indicators for management and genetic conservation actions.

Financed by Rufford foundation and Darwin initiative award

International Foundation for Sciences (IFS)

Reproductive system, gene flow and habitat fragmentation impact study in the two Brevitubae: Adansonia suarezensis and Adansonia grandidieri.

Flower – pollinator interrelations in the genus Adansonia (Malvaceae) in Madagascar. Contribution to the study of pollination mechanisms and genetic introgression phenomena.

Project leader : Dr Razanamaro Onja

CORUS II Project (6058)

Dendrochronology as one approach to study the dynamics of Malagasy forest ecosystems, application to species and western forests.
Project leader : Dr Danthu Pascal

South Experts Plants Project (SEP 381)

Assessing the dynamic approach for forest ecosystems in Madagascar and the Comoros islands: Dendrochronology approach to species and Malagasy and Comoran western forests.

Project leader : Dr Danthu Pascal

PARRUR- Ecobao Project

For a sustainable management of natural resources and biodiversity conservation in Madagascar: Study of anthropogenic impact on forestry ecosystems dynamics and their production, Case of Madagascan baobabs trees.

Project leader : Dr Danthu Pascal

IFB Project

For sustainable management of baobabs trees and ecosystems in the Indian Ocean islands: approach to biological diversity, uses and representations of Adansonia species in Madagascar, Comoros and Mayotte.

Project leader : Dr Danthu Pascal

The Group of Malagasy Baobab Experts and Enthusiasts, "GSPBM" is a non-profit, scientific, technical and non-political association. It has been created to contribute to the protection, conservation and sustainable use of the world's baobab species and their ecosystems.


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