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Pollen wall ultrastructure of the genus Adansonia L. species.

Elysée N. Rasoamanana, Onja Razanamaro, Perle Ramavovololona, Ralalaharisoa Z. Ramamonjisoa, Jean Luc Verdeil, Pascal Danthu, Maria Suárez-Cervera, 2014. Plant Systematics and Evolution 301: 541-554

Assessing the relationships between baobab trees and some ecosystems elements in Western Madagascar : pollinators, seed dispersers and predators.

Seheno Andriantsaralaza, Elysée Rasoamanana, Onja Razanamaro, Charles Elgoyen, Jean Michel Leong Pock Tsy, Perle Ramavovololona, Bakolimalala Rakouth, Edmond Roger, Pascal Danthu, 2016. In : Recherche interdisciplinaire pour le développement durable et la biodiversité des espaces ruraux malgaches. Duchaufour Hervé (ed.), Razafimbelo-Andriamifidy Tantely (ed.), Rakotoarisoa Jacqueline (ed.), Ramamonjisoa Bruno (ed.), Rakotondravao (ed.). Antananarivo : PARRUR-MYE, 349-368.

Madagascan baobabs : A seed dispersal anachronism

Seheno Andriantsaralaza, Miguel Pedrono, Jacques Tassin, Edmond Roger, E and pascal Danthu, P., 2010. Bois et Forêts des Tropiques, 306, (4) : 7-16.

Chemical characterization of floral scents in the six endemic baobab species (Adansonia sp.) of Madagascar.

Onja Razanamaro, Elysee Rasoamanana, Bakolimalala Rakouth, Josoa Ramarolanonana Randriamalala, Elisabeth Rabakonadrianina, Anne Clement-Vidal, Jean-Michel Leong Pock Tsy, Chantal Menut, Pascal Danthu, 2015. Biochemical Systematics and Ecology 60: 238-248

The sphingidae are the possibly pollinators of Malagasy baobabs.

Philippe Ryckewaert, Onja Razanamaro, Elysée Rasoamanana, Tantely Rakotoarimihaja, Perle Ramavovololona, Pascal Danthu, 2011. Bois et Forêts des Tropiques 307 : 55-68.

The role of extinct giant tortoises in the germination of extant baobab Adansonia rubrostipa seeds in Madagascar

Seheno Andriantsaralaza, Miguel Pedrono, Jacques Tassin, Edmond Roger, Bakolimalala Rakouth, and Pascal Danthu, P., 2013. African Journal of Ecology, 52: 246-249.

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