Groupe des Spécialistes et Passionnés des Baobabs de Madagascar


Details of the program will be available and released soon. 

December 11th, 2019 : Scientific day

Several themes will be presented:

  • Biology of baobabs
  • Interactions of baobabs with its ecosystem and habitats threats
  • Socio-cultural, touristic and economic values and uses of baobab products
  • Conservation and economic potential of the baobab: challenges and strategies (case study)

Plenary lectures, oral and poster presentations are planned as scientific activities where students, researchers and professionals will have the opportunity to present results of their research and work related directly or indirectly to baobabs.

December 12th-13th, 2019: Workshops

Two full days will be devoted to discussion panels on the theme: “Sustainable use of baobab products for local economic development” between groups of researchers and economic operators present at the congress. These discussion panels will allow exchanges between conservation stakeholders, professionals and operators working in the marketing of baobab products. We are expecting to have conservation strategies by species as results of the workshops.

December 13th, 2019: Socio-cultural day

Socio-cultural activities are planned to ensure a friendly atmosphere among participants and to encourage exchanges and knowledge sharing.

  • Skits, film screenings and cultural events will be held on site at Kimony resort on the last day of the congress.
  • A dinner dance will be organized at the end of the congress to close the event.
  • Exhibition booths: private companies, academic institutions, various environmental organizations and local community operating the baobab tree will be invited to exhibit their products and services during the congress.

The Group of Malagasy Baobab Experts and Enthusiasts, "GSPBM" is a non-profit, scientific, technical and non-political association. It has been created to contribute to the protection, conservation and sustainable use of the world's baobab species and their ecosystems.


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